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Home Inspections 
Kona Coast Inspections LLC
(808) 765-4099

Kona Coast Inspections LLC, Kona, Hawaii, Home and condo inspections.

Inspection services offered:  

Homes, Condos, Apartments, Ohana, Rentals


Scope of the basic home inspection:

A home inspection is a noninvasive, visual observation and operation of the accessible systems and components of real property, including buildings and other improvements. Its purpose is to identify conditions that, in the professional opinion of the inspector, are significantly deficient or to identify systems and components that are at the end of their service life.

Kona Coast Inspections will inspect your electrical system.
Kona Coast Inspections will inspect the framing construction and plumbing.
Kona Coast Inspections will inspect your roofing, flashing and rain gutters/downspouts.

We will be inspecting for safety,
function and condition and anything else that is in need of attention.

  • Roof-covering and flashing.

  • roof penetrations and ventilation.

  • Rain gutters, down spouts.

  • trim, eaves, soft, fascia.

  • lanais, decks and porches. 

  • Railings, guards, handrails.

  • windows.

  • Vegetation, surface drainage. 

  • Retaining walls and grading.

  • Stairways and steps, Driveway and walkways.

  • Foundation & Structure for adequacy and or defects.

  • Crawlspaces and their structural components.

  • Attic structure, Insulation  & Ventilation. 

  • Interior walls, ceilings, floors. windows and doors. 

  • Exterior siding material.

  • Garage, garage door and garage door opener.

  • Cooling & Heating  HVAC systems. Fireplaces. 

  • Plumbing for visual leaks, sinks, tubs and toilets. 

  • Hot water heater.

  • Electrical main panel, sub-panel. visual wiring, switches and receptacles. 

  • Built-in appliances. microwave oven, range, dishwasher, refrigerator. 


What Clients Say


Thank you Brook for the great Home Inspection for the Lo's!

Your inspection was very good in that it pointed out the important needs such as the GCFI outlets in wet locations and the needed

repair within the electrical panel which were all taken care of prior to closing. 

Appreciate your time to do inspection, and obtaining

the report just as efficiently.

Your company Kona Coast Inspections will be on top of the list!


Thank you,

Sheri Hamilton, Realtor

What Clients Say

Pricing for single family home Inspections
and condominiums inspections.
Homes with a separate ohana unit may be charged an extra fee.
(Hawaii General Excise Tax of 4.712% is applied to all prices.)


1000 square feet and under.


1600 square feet and under.


2300 square feet and under.


3000 square feet and under.


Homes with central air conditioning and split units

add $55.




1,2,3 bedrooms
and 1 bathroom.

ional condo
bathrooms add $45.

Air conditioning

systems add $45.



Brook Taylor,
Certified Professional
Home Inspector.
Member of the National Association of Home Inspectors, INC.

Click the link below to see all current national association members.
All inspections meet ASHI and NASHI standards of practice.
Insured and certified.

Kona Coast Inspections is nationally certified and a  Professional Inspector, NACHI ASHI standards of practice.
Kona Coast Inspections is Nationally Certified Home Inspector

 ASHI  -   NASHI  

National Certified Home Inspector  

Awarded by the :

National Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors, INC.

Click the link below to see all current nationally certified home inspectors certification.


Prior to my experience as a home inspector, my 10+ years 

 as a contractor and a business owner of a construction company involved me in most all aspects of construction and home building / remodeling.  This  gives me a unique insight as to most  defects and failures of home components and assemblies, which is a considerable benefit to you, the client.

Area covered: West Hawaii,
Located in  Kailua Kona

Home and Condo Inspections Hawaii and Hawaii County.

CONTACT me by phone, text or email 
8AM to 6PM  
(808) 765-4099  



Request an inspection.

Kona Coast Inspections LLC, Located in Hawaii

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