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Home Inspections 
Kona Coast Inspections LLC
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Scope of the basic home inspection:

A home inspection is a noninvasive, visual observation and operation of the accessible systems and components of real property, including buildings and other improvements. Its purpose is to identify conditions that, in the professional opinion of the inspector, are significantly deficient or to identify systems and components that are at the end of their service life.


What we will be inspecting in general and the condition of :

Roof-covering materials, flashing, roof penetrations and ventilation.

Rain gutters, down spouts and drainage.

Exterior of the house, type of wall covering material, flashing and trim, eaves, soft, fascia, exterior doors, lanais, decks and porches, railings, guards, handrails and windows. Vegetation, surface drainage, retaining walls and grading of the property. Basements, crawlspaces and their structural components. Stairways and steps, Driveway and walkways.

Foundation & Structure for adequacy and or defects. Attic structure, Insulation  & Ventilation,  Plumbing for adequacy function and visual leaks, sinks, tubs and toilets.  Electrical main panel, sub-panel, visual wiring, switches and receptacles.  Heating & Cooling HVAC systems. Fireplaces, Interior walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, Built-in appliances, hot water heater, microwave oven, range, dishwasher, Garage and garage door.


What type of tools and equipment will the home inspector be using :

Ladders,  Electrical testers, HVAC, plumbing testing equipment, thermal imaging camera, moisture meter, remote camera, infrared thermometer. Level, mirror and magnet. Hand tools. Flashlight and corded light.  Safety equipment, respirator, gloves, coveralls, safety glasses, safety signage, cell phone.  Combustible gas detector, Carbon monoxide detector, Compass. And a toolbelt to carry your equipment. Tablet / camera with reporting software.

Drop cloth, broom, dust pan, vacuum and shoe covers.

( To keep the property clean and neat ).



Thank you Brook for the great Home Inspection for the Lo's!


Your inspection was very good in that it pointed out the important needs such as the GCFI outlets in wet locations and the needed

repair within the electrical panel which were all taken care of prior to closing. 

Appreciate your time to do inspection, and obtaining

the report just as efficiently.


Your company will be on top of the list!


Thank you,

Sheri Hamilton,


Hi Brook, 


Thanks for the great home inspection service. All parties were very satisfied with the report and it’s clarity/conciseness. Thank you very much! We will absolutely be using Kona Coast Inspections again. 


Sheeva Hamidieh


Brook -


Thank you for an excellent inspection of the Hualalai Resort property. I thought you were very detailed in your report and were able to answer all of my follow up questions.  You were also responsive to all requests for more information.  Thank you for such a comprehensive and professional job!




Thomas B.


Hello Brook

The report and inspection was excellent and I appreciate your attention to all issues. Will definitely use Kona Coast Inspections again.



Mark Davis


We were very impressed with how thorough and conscientious Brook was when doing the inspection on our family's home in Kaloko. The report was turned around very quickly and was well done. Would definitely recommend this inspection firm based on the experience we had.


Matt Johnson


Brook was able to schedule a last minute inspection for me when I was in a bind. His work was thorough and he is an absolute professional. I will definitely use his services again, as well as recommend.

LeAnna Dahl


Brook was great to work with and did an absolute professional inspection. Will use again.

Andrea Toci



I recently used Kona Coast Inspections for the inspection of a condo I was considering. I needed to set something up on very short notice and Brook Taylor was very accommodating in doing so. He did a thorough job on the inspection and also was responsive to questions with regard to some of the issues. I would definitely use Kona Coast Inspections again in the future.

Meg Howard



Brook is the ultimate professional and very knowledgeable on all aspects of home inspections. Since he was also a construction contractor, he knows all of the indicators of a quality home and where all the potential problems might be hiding.

 I would definitely use Kona Coast Inspections again in the future.

Kerry Romo



When we bought our home we used Kona Coast Inspections. Brook was able to provide us with a very detailed report which we used for the needed repairs. He is very knowledgeable in his trade and was able to explain defects in great detail in a way that we could understand. I was grateful for his excellent quality of work and positive attitude.


Jayne Mondello

Pricing for single family home Inspections
and condominiums inspections.
Homes with a separate ohana unit may be charged an extra fee.
(Hawaii General Excise Tax of 4.712% is applied to all prices.)


1000 square feet and under.


1600 square feet and under.


2300 square feet and under.


3000 square feet and under.


Homes with central air conditioning and split units

add $55.





1,2,3 bedrooms
and 1 bathroom.

ional condo
bathrooms add $45.

Air conditioning

systems add $45.



Brook Taylor
Certified Professional
Home Inspector.
All inspections meet ASHI and NASHI standards of practice.
Insured and certified.

 ASHI  -   NASHI  -  National Exam

Have taken and passed the National Home Inspector Examination,


Given by the :

Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors, INC.


Prior to my experience as a home inspector, my 10+ years 

 as a contractor involved most all aspects of construction and home building / remodeling.  This  gives me a unique insight as to most  defects and failures of home components and assemblies, which is a considerable benefit to you, the client.


Area covered: West Hawaii,
Located in  Kailua Kona

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CONTACT me by phone, text or email 
8AM to 6PM  
(808) 765-4099  

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